In 2012, re-launched on NPR’s Core Publisher content management system, making WLRN a truly multiplatform newsroom for the first time in its history.

As the special projects editor at the time, Sammy was responsible for the editorial side of the transition: web editing, content migration, training radio producers to tell stories on the web, redesigning workflow.

A few months after the re-launch, was awarded a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for best website. before the launch (left). Re-launching on Core Publisher (right) made us a truly multiplatform newsroom for the first time. before the launch (left). Re-launching on Core Publisher (right) made us a truly multiplatform newsroom for the first time.


Support Staff Job Losses

Using Google Fusion Tables, Sammy created an interactive heat map showing county-by-county support staff job losses in public schools. It was part of a StateImpact Florida series that included a radio story and several explainer blog posts.


Growing Up With HIV

This story started with some health department surveillance data Sammy ran across when she was looking for local angles on the 30th anniversary of the AIDS pandemic. She saw a small blip marking the number of babies who had contracted HIV at birth. It made her wonder: what is it like to grow up with this virus? This video diary is part of the answer to that question. It aired on the public television show Smart Health. 

A print profile of one of Nate's friends ran as a companion piece in the Miami Herald.

This package was honored with a Mobile Journalist of the Year award from the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters.


tweet story.JPG

Tweet Me A Story

At WLRN, we get excited about book fairs the way some people get excited about Fourth of July parades. In 2012, just after the re-launch of, we wanted to do something special around the Miami Book Fair International. So we challenged our audience to tell a story with us on Twitter. We tweeted out an opening line from Junot Díaz. Our audience finished the story. We hosted the narrative in a Storify.

The response was so enthusiastic, we then decided to ask our audience for a remix. As far as we can tell, it was the first project of its kind.